Our Green Credentials


  • Fish from Ben’s Fish of day boats out of Mersea Island
  • Use the whole animal therefore reducing waste
  • Support the British meat farming industry
  • Choose suppliers that have animal welfare at heart
  • Animals are free range and suppliers use local abattoirs
  • Buy direct from smaller, local farms as large industrial farms have a detrimental environmental impact
  • Encourage suppliers to use minimal and reusable packaging
  • Promoting local artesian beers Inkspot Brewery, SE19
  • Promoting local artesian cheeses


  • Glass, cardboard, paper, tin cans, foil, some plastic
  • Cooking oil reused for bio-fuel


  • Use strictly British seasonal ingredients, never air freighted
  • Use British flowers to avoid road and air miles

Bottled Water

  • Offer filtered tap water as standard, reducing the impact of transportation and recycling glass

Saving Energy

  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Turn equipment off when not in use
  • Repair rather than replace
  • Energy efficient electric hand dryer
  • Use wooden, sustainably sourced children’s cutlery and swizzle sticks
  • Printing menus on recycled paper using minimal ink
  • Recycled toilet paper
  • Modern toilets with minimal flushing capacity


  • Reuse paper (i.e. print on both sides before we recycle)
  • Use minimal chemical cleaning products
  • We make our environmental philosophy common knowledge to educate staff and to allow customers to make informed choices about where they dine.