Real Wine Month

For the month of 2013 March we will be promoting Real Wines with around 10 to try by the Glass or Bottle!

Real, or Natural Wines, are made mostly in the vineyard and partly in the winery.  Farming is Organic, Biodynamic and enviromentally sustainable, ensuring strong healthy vines with grapes that express the terroir!  In the winery it is a case of less is more, the wines are made without additions; no acid, alcohol, tannin, flavouring, enzymes, colouring, filtering or fining and as little sulpher as possible.  Only natural yeasts form the grapes themselves are used to produce wines that taste of the vintage and terroir;  they are individual charectors in a world of branded standardisation.

We are delighted at Lamberts to be involved in this promotion and hope you can join us

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